Some Daylilies in Judi and Paul Aucoin's 

Shantih Daylily Gardens

Below is a table with links to pictures of and comments about some of our daylilies.  Click on a name in the table below to see a photo of that daylily.  An asterisk preceding the name indicates it is a tetraploid daylily. 

 The picture to the left is of a future introduction pre-registered as GERTRUDE AUCOIN, which was chosen by Paul's mother as her namesake.

Aabachee Almost Indecent   Alpine Mist Awesome Bob * Always Afternoon   Barbara Mitchell * Batman  
* Bayou Bride  Before the Mask   * Benchmark Black-eyed Stella Birds Eye Blue Moon Rising * Boisterous Behavior  
Bombay Bicycle   Bonbini Bookmark Bright Eyed   Brocaded Gown   Brookwood Wistful * Bubbling Brown Sugar
Burning Desire * Carrollwood Red   Cat's Cradle   * Charles Johnson * Chicago Picotee Queen * Chinese Patchwork * Corryton Pink
* Court Magician Cranberry Baby Creative Art * Crystal Singer * Daring Dilemma Devil's Footprint * Dominic
Dragon's Circle * Dragon King  Dragon's Orb * Edge Ahead Eggplant Escapade   Elfin Etching  * Emerald Enchantment
Emily Anne * Etched Eyes Eye of Newt Eyes of Fire * Faberge Fairy Jester Fairy Tale Pink
Fama Forty Second Street  Frances Joiner Frisky Cissy * Frozen Jade * Good Morning America   Green Jezebel
* Guiniver's Gift   * Harvard Yard   Heart Getter * Her Majesties Wizard Highland Mystic Hot Pepper Indy Endless Love
  * It's A Miracle * Isle of Zanzibar   Isolde Jason Salter   Jedi Dixie Dawn  Jedi Dreamland Jedi Irish Spring
John Robert Biggs   * Kate Carpenter King Crimson * Lace Cookies   Lake Norman Sunset Little Baby Mine Little Missy
Little Paul Lots of Hoopla   * Mister Bubbles  Margaret Guillory * Marla Corts   * Martian Sun * Mendocino  
* Mildred Mitchell   * Ming Porcelain Molino Cascade Morning Sunshine   Mosel Moving On Mynelle's Starfish  
Nagasaki Navy Blues New Series   * Nosferatu     * One Fine Day Open Hearth  
Orchid Corsage   * Papilion Pardon Me   * Perfect Pleasure   * Petticoat Frills   Pink Superspider Powder and Paint
Princess Ellen   Pumpkin Kid * Pure and Simple   Queen's Memories Quietness * Real Wind Rhinestone Kid
Rhythm in Pink Robert Quasdorf Rose Emily * Rouge and Lace  Sabine Baur   * Scarlet Orbit * Senegal  
Shadow Dance Siloam Bye-Lo Siloam Cinderella Siloam David Kirchhoff  Siloam Double Classic   Siloam Ethel Smith Siloam June Bug
Siloam Merle Kent Siloam Virginia Henson * Simply Pretty   Smoky Mountain Autumn   * Smuggler's Treasure   So Excited  
Spellfire   * Spider Man   Spider Web   * Strawberry Candy Sue Rothbauer Susan Weber Swedish Girl
Sweet Days  Tar and Feather Thankful Heart Three Wishes * Timeless Treasure   Today's Charm * Two Faces of Eve 
* Way Over Yonder What Wonderous Love Wild One Wilson Spider Wings of Chance * Wish Fulfillment  
Wisteria Witch's Thimble Witch's Wink Wizard's Puzzle Yabba Dabba Doo   Yazoo Elsie Hintson Zenobia

Shantih Daylily Gardens is an official American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) Display Garden. 

 Most of our daylilies are for sale only in the spring and fall.  We deliver by mail, digging only in March-May and September/October, though you may also order in advance at other times.

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Daylily Seedlings 1999, 2000, 2001

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